JET 719902 WT Carbide Hollowing Chisels 5PC Set


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To compliment our extensive line of woodturning lathes, JET is introducing the Woodturning Hollowing Chisel Set.

Inside the custom JET wooden case you will find:

1x 11″ Anodized Aluminum Handle
1x 10.5″ Anodized Aluminum Handle Extension
3x Tool Shafts
3x 8.9mm Round Carbide Cutting Blades
1x Star Key
1x Hex Wrench

  • JET Carbide Hollowing Chisels Set includes 3 interchangeable radius for hollowing while works on the lathe
  • Light weight extendable anodized aluminum handle. Main handle is 11″ with a 10.5″ extension.
  • JET Carbide Turning Tool Set is packed in a custom wood case.
  • Stainless steel shaft will not rust
  • Carbide blades have a long cutting life


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