Woodpecker MFT Layout Square

Woodpecker MFT Layout Square


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The Woodpeckers MFT Layout & Assembly Square simplifies the often-tedious task of aligning your track saw guide rail with the fence on your Festool Multi-Function Table (MFT). Made from solid phenolic material, this 3/4″ thick square rests flat on the table and intersects with both the fence and the rail simultaneously. It’s a must-have tool for precision work in your shop.

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The Woodpeckers MFT Layout & Assembly Square serves multiple purposes beyond its primary function of aligning the miter fence and guide rail on the Festool MFT table. Here’s why it’s a valuable addition to your workshop:

Assembly Work: The square features milled slots along both edges, allowing you to clamp it to your MFT or any workbench. By securing your workpiece to the square, you ensure it remains perpendicular to the work surface during assembly tasks.

Large Machinery Set-Up: With generous 15-inch sides, the square provides ample length for setting up resaw cuts, aligning your table saw, or positioning your miter gauge. Its 3/4″ width keeps it stable while you make adjustments.

Keeping Your MFT Square: While technically your fence and guide rail don’t have to be perfectly square to the holes in your MFT top, having everything aligned ensures confidence in your cuts. The MFT Layout and Assembly Square comes with two 20mm location dogs, allowing precise alignment with all the holes in your MFT table.

Quality Construction: Crafted from nearly indestructible solid phenolic, the square won’t warp, twist, or be affected by moisture. The anodized location pins add durability and a distinctive “Woodpecker Red” color.

Whether you’re a seasoned woodworker or a DIY enthusiast, the Woodpeckers MFT Layout & Assembly Square enhances accuracy and efficiency in your projects. Made in the USA, it’s a reliable companion for your woodworking endeavors.


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