SawStop Scale Miter Gauge

SawStop Scale Miter Gauge


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Bring can’t-miss accuracy to your table saw with the Scale Miter Gauge, featuring 180 precise locked-in angles, an extendable fence, and micro-adjustable dual-arm flip stop.

The miter head features a pointer and 90 notches in 1° increments each side of 0°, including one for 22.5° on each side. A Vernier scale lets you fine-tune any angle in 1/10° increments.

The aluminum fence provides a large reference for workpieces, with a telescoping extension that reaches up to 31” with the flip stop. The scale on top of the fence can be calibrated to enable precise crosscuts without having to measure and mark your boards.

Use the flip stop to make repeated cuts at the same setting for identical project parts. The flip stop indexes on the fence in 1/32” increments. The flip stop’s dual arms can be set independently at different lengths from the blade or linked together, all of which can be fine-tuned with a micro-adjuster.

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  • Options for free rotation or locked angle increments of 1°
  • Adjustable expansion disk for a secure fit in the miter slot
  • 18″ extendable fence with micro adjustable flip stop


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