SawStop Revolution Miter Gauge

SawStop Revolution Miter Gauge


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SawStop’s patent-pending Revolution Miter Gauge delivers unmatched precision and accuracy with the spin of a dial. Intuitive, tool-free adjustments provide fine-tuning that is exact, reliable, and repeatable.

The miter angle dial has pre-set increments of 1°, 1/2°, 1/4°, or 1/10° with tactile feedback so you can feel your desired angle click into place, making angle adjustments reliably accurate – quick and easy.

Make repeatable cuts up to 37-1/2″ in length using the tool-free articulating flip stop – with or without a sacrificial fence. The flip stop includes mounting holes for adding jigs or locking into the wedge system.

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  • Tool-free setup and adjustment
  • Sliding wedge system for fence attachments and repeatable stops
  • Quick and easy setting of locked angle adjustments at 1/10°, 1/4°, 1/2°, and 1° (or free rotation)
  • Smooth glide and secure miter slot fit with dynamic expansions disks
  • Articulating flip stop enables micro-adjustment in 1/64″ increments and tool-free use even with a sacrificial fence face
  • Sliding flip stop with mounting holes for adding jigs or locking to wedge system
  • Tool-free expansion and adjustment of fence for cuts up to 37″
  • Heavy-duty construction including a steel miter plate manufactured with machine tolerances of <.001″ for exceptional precision


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