SawStop CTS-120A60 Compact Table Saw


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The SawStop Compact Table Saw features SawStop’s patented safety system with the mobility you need to work from anywhere – at home or on the job site. With a 10″ blade and durable construction, you’ll have the power and accuracy you need.


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  • SawStop’s patented Safety System stops the spinning blade on contact with skin and drops it below the table in less than 5 milliseconds.
  • Portable Durability: Heavy-duty construction, that’s built to last, provides the stability you need for smooth cuts on the job site. The compact size, carry handle and on-saw storage mean you have everything you need at hand.
  • Rack & Pinion Fence: Easy to adjust or remove and always square, the rack & pinion fence has built-in high and low shelf to support all types of cuts.
  • Quick-Tilt Bevel with Micro Adjustments : Quickly and easily tilt the blade to your ideal angle. Further fine-tune in 1 degree increments with the micro tilt-adjust feature.


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