Safety Speed SPM301HD Screw Pocket Machine


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Pocket-hole joinery for high production woodworkers made easy with our SPM301HD Screw Pocket Machine.

Key enhancements on the SPM301HD from the SPM301 Screw Pocket Machine are:
  1. A spindle motor just like the ones in a CNC machine, running continuously with minimal maintenance
  2. An air drill replacing a router motor

A two-in-one motion simultaneously drills a six degree pilot hole and machines a screw pocket in under a second on most wood species.  The SPM301HD features a heavy-duty, direct drive continuous electric spindle motor, allowing for continuous pocketing production.


The SPM301HD features  a heavy-duty, direct drive continuous electric spindle motor for those jobs that just keep on coming.  Unlike others of its kind, the SPM301HD features cam-driven action providing fast, smooth cutting action under complete mechanical control throughout the machine cycle. The new pilot air drill and end mill produce superior low-angle 6 degree screw pockets. Requires standard 220V and 6.2 CFM at 90 PSI based on 25% load factor, 25% duty cycle.

Machine Specs

Additional information
Weight : 294 lbs
Dimensions : 27 × 34 × 49 in
Spindle Motor : 5 amp/18,000 RPM, 3/8" (ER20) Collet
Air Drill : .7 Hp, /25,000 RPM, 1/4" /Collet
Vacuum Requirement : 220 CFM, 3" Hose Connection
Air Requirement : 6.2 CFM at 90 PSI
* Rating based on 25% load factor, 25% duty cycle
Dimensions (Shop) : 22"W x 44"H x 32"D


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