Lamello Bisco P-14 Aligning Element (300 pair) #145302

Lamello Bisco P-14 Aligning Element (300 pair) #145302


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Bisco P-14

Bisco P is an alignment element that is part of the Clamex P system. It is easily installed using the Zeta P2 or CNC as it fits easily into the P-system groove without changing the cutter.

Bisco P-14 is 7 mm thick, made of thick plastic and used in combination with Clamex P-14. (Bisco P-10 is also available for use with Clamex P-10. For more information on Bisco P-10 please call or E-mail us.)

The element is not only used for alignment of panels but can be used for glueing, and increasing shear strength.

Benefits of Bisco P

  • Fits the same P-System groove as Clamex P-14 / Clamex P-10 thus removing the need to change cutters
  • Self-clamping in the groove due to its surface structure
  • Fixed connections possible in conjunction with PVA glue
  • Minimal installation depth for material thickness of at least 16 mm
  • Lateral tolerance for efficient installation with the Zeta P2 profile groove biscuit joiner or a CNC machine


  • Alignment of grooves on separation walls, table tops or kitchen worktops
  • Combination with Clamex P-14 / Clamex P-10 for detachable surface, corner or mitre joints ranging from 30-180°
  • Combination with Clamex P-14 / Clamex P-10 or as a simple element for glueing work pieces
  • Stiffening or raising shear strength


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