Lamello Professional P-System Connector Assortment (No. 145312)


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Professional РLamello P-System Connector Assortment (No. 145312)

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-120 pairs Clamex P-14

-30 pairs Clamex P-Medius 14/10

-30 pairs Clamex P-10

-80 pairs Tenso P-14 incl. clip

-30 pairs Tenso P-10 incl. clip

-20 pieces Bisco P-14

-20 pieces Bisco P-10

-80 pairs Divario P-18

-Divario Installation Tool /Drill /Marking Gauge

-Clamex P Installation Tool

-Tenso P-10/ P-14 Preload tool

-Sortainer T-Loc


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