Jet JCDC-1.5 Cyclone Dust Collector, 1.5HP, 115V


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Are you ready to get more from your dust collector? The Cyclone Dust Collector Collection from JET® delivers the efficiency you’ve been waiting for. With a direct mount filter, a radio frequency remote control and a large collection bin these dust collectors take your shop’s capabilities to a new level. Upgrade to a JET® Cyclone Dust Collector and experience The Power of Efficiency.

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• The cyclone’s two stage separation provides more working CFM than comparable horsepower single stage units
• Heavy debris is pulled down to collection drum before debris stream reaches the filter, providing constant suction
• Direct mounted filter eliminates inefficiencies from ridged flex hosing and bends
• Fine dust particles are filtered through pleated material that captures even the smallest particles down to 1 micron and below
• Heavy debris is captured in 20 gallon drum with quick release levers and independent casters for quick emptying
• Included radio frequency remote control works from up to 50 feet away
• Double paddle manual cleaning system quickly cleans the pleated filter
• Swivel casters make it easy to move the unit around the shop

Machine Specs

Number of Air Inlets 1 at 6″, 2 at 4″
1-Hose Connection Diameter (In.) 6
2-Hoses Connection Diameter (In.) 4
3-Hoses Connection Diameter (In.)
Air Flow (US Method) @ 4″ (CFM)
Air Flow @ 4″ (CFM)
Velocity @ 4″ (CFM)
Style (Type)
Velocity @ 4″ (FPM)
Air Flow (US Method) @ 6″ (CFM) 763 (1,293 m³/hr)
Static Pressure (Wc.)
Air Flow (US Method) @ 8″ (CFM)
Air Flow (EU Method) @ 4″ (CFM)
Air Flow (EU Method) @ 6″ (CFM) 1,259 (2,134 m³/hr)
Air Flow (EU Method) @ 8″ (CFM)
Air Velocity (US Method) @ 4″ (FPM)
Air Velocity (US Method) @ 6″ (FPM) 3,877 (18.5 m/s)
Air Velocity (US Method) @ 8″ (FPM)
Air Velocity (EU Method) @ 4″ (FPM)
Air Velocity (EU Method) @ 6″ (FPM) 6,396 (32.5 m/s)
Air Velocity (EU Method) @ 8″ (FPM)
Static Pressure Loss (US Method) (Wc.) 1.535
Static Pressure Loss (EU Method) (Wc.) 2.677
Max. Static Pressure (Wc.) 8.268
MERV Value 13
Filter Efficiency (Micron) 1
Efficiency (Micron) 99% of 2 micron particles
Canister Filter Length (In.) 15-3/4
Canister Filter Diameter (In.) 14-9/16
Canister Collection Bag (Dia. x L/In.) 23-5/8 x 19-11/16
Filter Bag/Canister Length (In.)
Collection Bag Capacity (Cu. Ft.)
Collection Bag Length (In.)
Bag Diameter (In.)
Collection Drum Capacity (gal.) 20
Drum Collection Bag (Dia. x L/In.) 26 x 27-9/16
Impeller Material Steel
Impeller Diameter (In.) 13
Impeller Fins Radial
Sound Rating (Db.) 75
Motor Speed (RPM) 3,450
Motor Power (HP) 1.5
Motor Phase (PH) 1
Motor Voltage (V.) 115
Prewired Voltage (V.) 115
Motor Amps 14
Recommended Circuit Size (Amps.) 20A
Wiring Remarks
Footprint (L x W/In.) 47 x 22
Assembled Dimensions (L x W x H/In.) 22 x 47 x 67-9/16


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