Festool Random Orbital Sander ETS EC150/3 EQ-Plus


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The new ETS EC 150 EQ is perfectly built for manual operation to reduce fatigue when carrying out overhead sanding work and a good feeling on edges, as well as convenient operation in any position. This sander is only 4 1/2″ (116 mm) high, contains a brushless EC-TEC motor, and ergonomic housing geometry with perfectly balanced center of gravity. This sander also comes with additional innovative details such as automatic dust control, integrated sanding pad brake, and the unique Vibration Control System for added health benefits.

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  • Stepless speed pre-selection, constant speed even under load
  • 3 mm sanding stroke creates a very high surface quality
  • EC technology and sanding pad brake with carbide tip results in longer life
  • Compact design and weighing only 2.5 lbs. (1.2 kg) for optimal ergonomic work conditions
  • Vibration and extraction detection technology is ideal for work protection
  • Perfect for fine sanding
  • For fine sanding



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