Festool 577158 Suction hose D 27/32×3,5m-AS/CTR

Festool 577158 Suction hose D 27/32×3,5m-AS/CTR


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Robust, smooth outer skin prevents the suction hose from becoming caught. Internal, extremely flexible suction hose for maximum flexibility. Conical geometry (27 mm to 32 mm) for improved suction power. The CLEANTEC connecting sleeve securely connects the suction hose and power tool with a bayonet fitting. The CLEANTEC connecting sleeve allows you to individually set the air flow rate using the infinitely adjustable bypass. The initial and end pieces of two suction hoses can be connected to each other and consequently extended by plugging them together,

Suction hose D 27/32×3,5m-AS/CTR


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