Festool Bag ST-BAG


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Festool Bag ST-BAG

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Designed for the ST DUO 200 tripod, the ST Tripod Bag provides convenient storage and transportation for the STL 450 inspection light, ST DUO 200 tripod, and AD-ST DUO 200 adapter.

  • The large opening in the bag allows the tripod to be removed and stowed away again quickly and easily
  • The cushioned carry handle and shoulder strap provide maximum comfort during transport
  • The SYSLITE STL 450 surface control light and additional system accessories can be stored in the additional side pockets
  • transport bag with shoulder strap and carry handle
  • for storage and simple transport of the tripod for the SYSLITE DUO and the SYSLITE STL surface control light
  • With practical side pockets for additional system accessories


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