Festool Inspection Light STL 450-Set SYSLITE


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Never miss another flaw or defect in a surface by seeing what you may wouldn’t otherwise. Purpose-built as an inspection light with a form factor that puts light close to the surface, flaws and defects are perfectly illuminated so you can perfect your work. With an impact-resistant, non-marring full body protection, there is little risk of surface damage further ensuring great results. With 1200 lumen and a color temperature of 5000K, the Surface Inspection Light brings great brightness and color to any surface. Whether sanding a wall or finishing a tabletop, the Surface Inspection Light provides perfect visibility for the best results.

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  • 1200 Lumens at 5000 K for high quality lighting
  • Perfect visibility of surface defects and flaws
  • Reduce callbacks and increase customer satisfaction
  • Handheld or hands-free usage option
  • IP 55 rating against water and dust intrusion
  • Non-marring shell

Straight Form Factor

Low-profile design allows led to be cast closely to surfaces revealing any defects or flaws

High Quality Light

1200 Lumens with 5000 K color temperature provides optimal light output for detailed surface inspection

Optional Hands-Free Mounting

Optional adapter available to mount to Tripod ST DUO 200 for hands-free usage and infinite angle setting


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