Festool 577157 Accessory Kit SYS3 M 137 FS/2-Set

Festool 577157 Accessory Kit SYS3 M 137 FS/2-Set


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All in one Systainer³: Two fastening clamps, one deflector, one angle stop, one limit stop, and two rail connectors. Systainer³ units offer a variety of ways improve organization and provide an overview. Different size and height variants are available. The limit stop functions as a start/stop reference or protects the circular saw user against kickbacks when plunging into the workpiece. The angle stop can quickly be attached to the guide rail without tools. Angles of -60° to +60° can be set easily and with precision. Two guide rails can be conveniently connected and aligned using the connectors. The deflector prevents the suction hose and cable from getting caught up on the end of the guide rail. It is possible to attach fastening clamps to securely attach the workpiece.

Accessories set SYS3 M 137 FS/2-Set


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