Bow XT Feed Supports (Set of 2)

Bow XT Feed Supports (Set of 2)


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Feed Support Accessory for XT XTENDER Fences

Add Stability and Feed Control to Small Saw Tables Surfaces

  • Exclusively for use with Bow XT XTENDER Fences (Sold Separately)  Requires Purchasing an XT XTENDER Fence use Feed Supports!
  • Transforms small table surfaces such as portable saws and bandsaws for greater feed control and safety.
  • Feed Supports Expand your Table Surface in tandem with XT XTENDER Fence for expanded Infeed and Outfeed support
  • Attach to Bottom Slot of the XT XTENDER fence and are level with the saw tabletop
  • Versatile Positioning: Set up one Feed Support on either side of Fence, or position both for Infeed or Outfeed
  • Feed Supports contain Beveled Edges to easily accept material feed through the saw
  • Bottom of Feed Support contains a cavity (1-9/16″ x 3-9/16″) to attach a wood support if additional stability is necessary for heavier material.
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  • Sold in a Set of Two Feed Supports
  • Hardware includes 6 T-Bolts and 6 Knobs to attach the two Feed Supports
  • Feed Supports are 6.25 inches wide and extend out from the fence 3 inches


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