Woodworking SavR push blocks for table saw – 81101514

Woodworking SavR push blocks for table saw – 81101514


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Woodworking push block that can attach to any table saw!

The SavR push block addresses the problem that all high end DIY woodworking push block tools ignore. Inevitably the tablesaw blade will cut a portion of the push block base. That is why we made the base of our tool out of MDF so that it can be replaced. Safe nylon screws secure the base to the handle for a secure hold and fast replacement. The push block is also always right where you need it because it comes with a magnetic dock that sits on top of your saw’s fence. Our SavR line is compatible with compact saws that have non-magnetic fences. We have included an adhesive back plate that can be placed on top of the fence to mount the dock.

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Assembly instructions

  • Fix the base of the push block to the desired side of the handle with included nylon screws. Right handed users will tend to prefer the base to be on the right side of the handle during use, while left handed users will tend to prefer the base on the left side of the handle.
  • Optional for aluminum fence users: Remove the backing on the adhesive strips attached to the metal mounting plate and attach it to the top of your table saw fence at the desired position to mount the push block.
  • Mount the push block docking station to the fence at the desired position.
  • Place the push block in the docking station with the heel of the base in the rectangular hole in the docking station. It is now ready for use.

User Instructions

  • After the above assembly steps have been completed, start a cut at the table saw and continue the cut by hand until the end of the board is above the table saw table.
  • Lift the SavR Push Block out of its docking station on the fence, and place the heel of the push block behind the edge of the board.
  • Ideal push block placement is slightly to the blade side of centered on the board (left of center if the workpiece is to the left of the fence, and right of center if the workpiece is to the right of the fence).
  • Complete the cut using the push block to push the workpiece past the blade, shut the saw off, and wait for the blade to come to a complete stop before touching the workpiece or off cut.


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