BORA Centipede Workbench Top – with 3/4 inch dog holes

BORA Centipede Workbench Top – with 3/4 inch dog holes


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The CK22T Centipede® Tabletop is the ideal way to work. Hinged in the middle for easy storage and portability, this Centipede® accessory makes it simpler than ever to set up and tear down a temporary workspace, whether you’re on the job site or in the driveway. It can handle just about any job, too, supporting up to 2000 lbs. With the CK22T Centipede® Tabletop, the ultimate workstation is just seconds away.

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Get the most out of your Centipede® workstand with the new CK22T Centipede® Tabletop – perfectly designed to turn your Centipede® into the ultimate workstation. Stable and sturdy, this heavy-duty top securely fastens to your Centipede® P-tops with six easy-to-use twist lock handles so you don’t have to worry about your work surface slipping out from under your project. With plenty of dog holes and a high weight capacity, you can build just about anything on your Centipede® Tabletop.

  • Full dimensions 24″ x 48″ (610 mm x 1200 mm) – same size as the CK6S Centipede®
  • Hinged in the middle for easy transport and storage
  • Carrying slot allows you to carry the tabletop in one hand and your Centipede® workstand in its bag
  • 3/4″ MFT style dog holes evenly spaced across the surface
  • Dog hole pattern is 4” on center
  • Works with Centipede® X-Cup Bracket, Quick Clamp, and Non-Slip accessories
  • Includes 6 quick-twist lock handles to securely attach it to your Centipede® workstand
  • Quick and easy to set up and tear down workspace
  • Weight capacity: 2000 lbs (907 kg)
  • Tabletop thickness: 18 mm
  • Depending on the size of your Centipede workstand, you may need more than one Tabletop for full coverage. CK6S needs 1, CK9S needs 2, CK15S needs 4.


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