Boeshield – T-9 Rust Protectant, 12 Ounce Spray

Boeshield – T-9 Rust Protectant, 12 Ounce Spray


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T-9 Rust Protectant, 12 Ounce Spray, was developed by Boeing Aviation for long term metal protection on aircrafts. A solvent and paraffin wax formula, it penetrates into metal pores, displaces moisture and dries to a thin film that will protect your woodworking equipment for months. Since it contains no silicones or Teflon and dries completely within a few minutes, it will not transfer to wood surfaces or interfere with subsequent finishing. The 12 oz. non-fluorocarbon spray is ozone safe.


  • No Silicones or Teflon
  • Dries within minutes
  • Non-fluorocarbon Spray

Originally created by Boeing Aviation to combat corrosion in aircraft components, Boeshield T-9® is used today to protect against rust and corrosion on a wide variety of items, including workshop power tools. It provides superior corrosion protection and waterproof lubrication in one easy-to-apply, long-lasting formula. Just spray it on and it dries to a thin waxy film that clings tenaciously to metal surfaces. Leave a thick coating for additional rust protection, or spray on and wipe off for both rust protection and low-friction sliding on cast iron tops, such as those on jointers, table saws and router tables. An application of T-9 every few months will maintain the rust-inhibiting barrier.


  • Spray T-9 on and wipe off the excess for a waxy, waterproof finish with very little friction
  • Apply and let dry for one-step corrosion protection that lasts and lasts
  • Also loosens rusty parts, displaces moisture and flushes out old lubricants
  • Unique formula of solvent carrier and paraffin wax penetrates crevices, dissolves minor corrosion, and leaves a clean, waxy coating
  • Stays liquid long enough to seep deep inside assembled components without having to dismantle your equipment
  • Waterproof so you can rinse away sand, dust and grime with water, leaving the lubricant intact
  • Will not harm paint, plastic, rubber, fiberglass or vinyl—can be used on engines, wiring and belts
  • Perfect for coastal areas where salt is a concern
  • Also great for garden tools, chisels, planes and other hand tools


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