Woodpeckers Rout-N-Plane Benchtop Board Mill – XL – 24″ capacity

Woodpeckers Rout-N-Plane Benchtop Board Mill – XL – 24″ capacity


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The Rout-N-Plane Bench Top Board Mill is a versatile tool designed to level and smooth end grain cutting boards. Whether you’re working with cordless palm routers or large plunge routers, this benchtop mill adjusts in seconds to safely guide any router across your board. It accommodates board thicknesses from 3/4″ to a full 3″ and works on boards up to 15″ wide. Unlike shop-built sleds, the Rout-N-Plane offers convenience and flexibility, with a powder-coat finish for smooth movement across benchtop surfaces. It includes a centering guide and sacrificial fence for precise work. Whether you’re tackling end-grain cutting boards or wider glued-up panels, the Rout-N-Plane Bench Top Board Mill is a reliable choice. Get yours today and experience its exceptional performance!

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  • Rout-N-Plane XL and original Rout-N-Plane. Work safely while saving time and money when surfacing end-grain and over-sized projects.
  • Rout-N-Plane adjusts for board thicknesses from ¾” to 3”. Locate by tabs, then install knobs.
  •  Surface end grain cutting boards with routers as small as cordless palm routers. Rout-N-Plane works on any flat work surface at least 22-1/2” wide.
  •  Works with almost any router and surfacing bits from ¾” to 2”.
  •  Knock out your holiday gift lists in a hurry with Rout-N-Plane.
  •  Works just as effectively on small slabs and glued-up panels too wide for your jointer.
  •  Rout-N-Plane XL is perfect for machining workbench tops up to 24” with (with most routers).


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