Woodpeckers 641 square – 6″

Woodpeckers 641 square – 6″


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The Woodpeckers 641 Square is a precision tool designed for woodworking enthusiasts. Crafted with unmatched precision and finest quality materials, this 6-inch square delivers accuracy that woodworkers demand. It features solid aluminum construction, CNC machining for .001-inch accuracy, a stout yet lightweight design, and a convenient shoulder for precise marking. Whether you’re checking machinery setups or ensuring square cuts, the 641 Square is your reliable companion.


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  • Manufacturing Process: The 641 Square begins as a solid piece of high quality, extremely stable cast aluminum tool plate. It undergoes multiple high RPM passes on state-of-the-art CNC equipment, resulting in a single-piece blade and handle square. This process ensures accuracy to within .001 inch or less along the full length of the tool.
  • Handle Strength: Two precision-machined aluminum cheeks are added to form the handle. Stainless steel dowel pins ensure bulletproof rigidity and perfect alignment.
  • Stout and Balanced: The 641 Square is stout yet lightweight, offering superb balance. It’s small enough to tuck neatly into your shop apron.
  • Marking Convenience: The square’s handle features a shoulder, allowing it to lay flat on your work. You can accurately mark either edge of the blade. The thick base even lets you stand the blade upright for checking square on various machinery setups.
  • Measurement Scales: Easy-to-read measurement scales (laser-etched in 1/16th increments) appear on both sides of the blade (1mm scale for metric).
  • Lifetime Guarantee: Woodpeckers stands behind the accuracy of the Model 641 Square with a lifetime guarantee. If it deviates from square by more than .001 inch, they’ll repair or replace it.


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