Woodpeckers 641 &851 square combo 6″-8″

Woodpeckers 641 &851 square combo 6″-8″


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The Woodpeckers 641 & 851 square combo consists of two precision woodworking squares: a 6-inch (150mm) square and an 8-inch (200mm) square. These squares are made in the USA and are designed for accuracy and reliability. The 641 square is portable and fits neatly into your shop apron, while the larger 851 square is ideal for bench use. Both squares feature 1/16-inch graduations and are machined from durable cast aluminum tool plate with CNC precision.

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  1. Construction and Precision:
    • The 641 and 851 squares start as a solid piece of expensive, stable, cast aluminum tool plate. They are then meticulously machined using state-of-the-art CNC equipment.
    • The result is a single-piece blade and handle square that ensures accuracy within 0.001 inch or less along the full length of the tool.
    • Unlike squares made from separate blade and handle parts, these Woodpeckers squares offer unmatched strength and precision.
  2. Features:
    • Blade Thickness: Both squares have a 1/4-inch thick blade, providing stability and durability.
    • Handle Size: The handle is a full 3/4 inch, allowing for a comfortable grip.
    • Shoulder Feature: The inside edge of the handle has a shoulder, allowing the square to lay flat on the work surface for accurate marking.
    • Versatility: The 641 square is compact and portable, while the 851 square is perfect for bench use.


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