Used SCM Mini Max ME 25 Automatic Edge Bander (Bought New in 2021)

Used SCM Mini Max ME 25 Automatic Edge Bander (Bought New in 2021)


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The Minimax ME 25 is a compact machine boasting capacities usually only found on much larger units. End trimming, top and bottom trimming, buffing, scraping stations, with 3 mm edge processing (5 mm strips) are standard. This machine is perfect for the small to medium sized panel processing shops, looking for a small footprint machine with many features at a favorable price.

The Minimax ME 25 has an adjustable infeed fence with numeric readout for the edge thickness which offers precise and quick positioning. The glue pot with a quick heat-up system is Teflon coated to allow for easy clean up and easy glue replacement. The system easily applies the glue to the panel with a vertical glue spreading roller, and the temperature is adjustable via the PLC control. The machine also has a device to automatically recover unused glue.


Banding thickness: .016” – 0.12” (0.4 mm – 3 mm)
Max. thickness of banding in strips: .20” (5 mm)
Panel thickness: .47” – 1.96” (12 mm – 50 mm)
Min. – Max. panel height using edge scraping unit: .63” – 1.96” (16 mm – 50 mm)
Min. panel length/width with rolled edges: 7.48” / 2.56” (190 mm / 65 mm)
Min. panel length (frontal end cutting only): 4.72” (120 mm)
Working table dimensions: 102.4” x 20.9” (2,600 mm x 530 mm)
Working table height: 35.6” (904 mm)
Feed motor power: .7 Hp (.55 kW)
Feed speed: 23 ft/min (7 m/min)
Operating temperature: 68°F – 374°F (20°C – 190°C)

Glue Pot Unit
Motor power: .24 Hp (.18 kW)
Glue capacity: 1.76 lbs. (.8 kg)

End Cutting Unit
Motor power: .5 Hp (.37 kW)
End cutting blade: Ø 90mm Z20
Blade rotation speed: 12,000 RPM

Trimming Unit
Motor power: 1 Hp (.75 kW)
End cutting blade: Ø 75mm Z4
Cutters rotation speed: 9,000 RPM

Brushing Unit
Motor power (each): .18 Hp (.14 kW)
Brush rotation speed: 2,800 RPM
Electrical: Single-phase, 230v
Compressed air requirement: 6.5 bar
Exhaust outlet diameter (base): 4.72” (120 mm)
Exhaust outlet diameter (glue pot): 2.36” (60 mm)
Recommended duty cycle: 3 – 4 hours
Shipping weight: 1,149 lbs.


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