Sjobergs SB119 Work Bench and SM05 Cabinet Combo


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Fine furniture makers, carpenters, and serious woodworkers will appreciate how easily they can work on a wide variety of builds on the SB119. Its long, solid top will support projects of any size, and the bench dog holes on the top and legs will give you plenty of angles for precise or detailed work. These bench dog holes are 3/4” so you can use standard size accessories. The shoulder vise, a traditional take on the standard tail vise, doesn’t have any hardware to get in the way when working on long pieces, and it won’t rack when clamping off-center. The SM05 Cabinet is custom designed to fit in the SB119 Workbench and features cabinets, drawers, and open cubbies that provide the perfect space for your hand tools, power tools, and hardware. The SB119—designed and built by professionals for professionals.

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For professional woodworkers and serious hobbyists, the Sjobergs SB119 Workbench is the ultimate piece to complete your dream workshop. Features include:

  • Large shoulder vise won’t rack when clamping off-center
  • No vise hardware to get in the way when working on long pieces
  • Longer bench top makes it easy to work on large builds
  • SM05 Cabinet custom designed with cubbies for hand planes and other tools
  • 3/4” dog holes let you work with your favorite accessories
  • Features round and square dog holes
  • Includes bench dogs
  • Built from selected European beech
  • Finished with premium quality oil
Specifications Work Bench Specs:

Length of work top – 71″

Total Length – 75″

Width of worktop – 23 5/8″

Total Width – 26″

Working height – 35 7/16″

Cabinet Specs:

Width 45 55/64″

Height 16 1/8″


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