Shaper Origin + Workstation

Shaper Origin + Workstation


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Bring Shaper’s most advanced precision cutting solution to your workshop. Origin and Workstation combine to make even the most demanding projects approachable and intuitive. Enjoy unrivaled precision cutting for a variety of applications – create complex joinery, tight fitting box joints and much more. Origin + Workstation is the “complete system” solution to unlocking next-level projects in your shop.

Workstation is our ultimate workspace and fixturing solution for your benchtop cutting operations. It’s designed to streamline and expand upon Origin’s abilities, offering rapid, repeatable and precise fixturing of a wide range of stock configurations.

Workstation features a reusable tape field, easily adjustable shelf for small or difficult-to-fixture workpieces, and intuitive indexing pins for alignment and registration. This greatly reduces setup time and makes it easier than ever to get cutting straight out of the box.


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The Shaper Origin is the world’s first computer-assisted handheld router. It works much like a traditional CNC, with X, Y and Z axes, but since it is handheld, with no table and gantry, it’s both portable and exceptionally space-efficient for small shops. Simply follow the toolpath on the screen as you cut. As long as you stay in the general cutting area, the spindle will auto-correct 100X/second to keep the cutter in exactly the right position to within 1/100”. If you happen to wander too far off track, the bit will automatically retract, preventing damage to your workpiece. You can cut out precision shapes without the need for physical templates. Origin’s intuitive touch screen interface lets you place designs in your workspace and set cut dimensions on the fly, and it automatically calculates toolpaths for you—no programming required. Load designs via WiFi from the ShaperHub website, from a computer with the included USB stick, or design your project right on the screen. With the optional clamping Workstation (see below), the Origin is capable of machining advanced joinery, small parts and much more. Go from cutting out panels, to routing hinge mortises, to cutting joinery with just a few taps on the screen.


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