Nederman S-1000 10hp Dust Collector

Nederman S-1000 10hp Dust Collector


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Simple, silent and safe enclosureless dust collector for wood dust applications

The S-Series is an enclosureless, silent and simple to set up dust collector suitable for wood and sawdust applications (furniture, cabinetry, windows, doors, flooring, particle board, MDF, building materials, marine, and sawmills) and for general dust collection where feasible.

It is designed for indoor installation compliant with NFPA combustible dust regulations. They are available in three sizes: the S-500, S-750 and S-1000 ranging from 1,500 – 5,000 CFM, providing a cost-effective filtration solution for small and medium-sized workshops.

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Technical data
Noise level (dB(A)) 70-75
Installation Indoor
Material Galvanized Steel
Application Dust
Dustbin volume (gal) 42 for Bags (standard) 45 for Barrels (optional) 230 for Dump Bin (optional)
Filter Area (ft²) 10.125 / bag
Capacity (max airflow cfm) 5,000 CFM @ 7.0″ Wg


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  • High performance Superbags reduces bag replacement needs down to 3-5 years
  • Energy efficient fans utilize an impeller design that is 20% more efficient than common radial blade fans
  • Silent operation with high performance fans run only 10-15 dB(A) over normal conversation sound level
  • Provide safety and reliability for your workplace and manufactured in compliance with the latest NFPA standards
  • Unique collapsible design with pre-installed fan and SuperBags minimize installation time and effort with 3 step easy and quick installation.



Power Voltage (V) 208-230/460
Frequency (Hz) 60
No of phases 3
Filter type Bag
Number of filter elements 24
Filter material Superbag
Weight (lbs) 1,160
Power (Hp) 10.0 (7.5 Kw)
Note : 5000 CFM at 7.0" Wg


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