Micro Jig MATCHFIT Dovetail Hardware Variety Pack

Micro Jig MATCHFIT Dovetail Hardware Variety Pack


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Dovetail Track Hardware™ for jigs and fixtures.

With any standard 1/2” 14-degree dovetail router bit, you can create your own tracks, eliminating the need for expensive aluminum tracks.  It’s an entire system designed to give you all the functionality of t-track and t-track accessories, at a fraction of the cost.

The most versatile profile ever.

Create a variety of jigs that move freely, and tighten down anywhere you can route a groove.

  • Compatible with standard ½” 14 degree dovetail profile.
  • Available in 3 styles, includes 2 of each.
  • 10-32 1-½” long with wing knobs, 10-32 1” long with round knobs and shoulder washers (compatible with GRR-RIPPER system), and female with 10-32 threaded inserts.
  • Allows for 360 degree range of motion with dovetail grooves in grid layout.
  • Each style available individually in packs of 4.


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