Micro Jig MATCHFIT Dado Stop Pro

Micro Jig MATCHFIT Dado Stop Pro


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Make flawless dados for lap joints and inlays without a dado blade.

The Dado Stop references the blade’s unique kerf and the actual inlay material to measure the cut. With the included Setup Gauge and Dovetail Clamp, setting up your dado cut takes just a few seconds, and eliminates the need for measuring, test cuts, and wrestling with multiple blades and shims. Best of all—there’s no dado blade required.

Everything you need to cut perfect dados like a pro.

  • Replicate your blade’s exact kerf onto the Setup Gauge for a fast, precise setup every time.
  • Dado Stop attaches to the fence with the included MATCHFIT Dovetail Clamp.
  • Setup Gauge and Dado Stop are magnetized for improved stability during setup.
What’s Included:
  • Dado Stop
  • Dovetail Clamp
  • Setup Gauge


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