Magswitch Universal Featherboard Pro

Magswitch Universal Featherboard Pro


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The Magswitch Universal Featherboard Pro provides strong featherboard force against the table saw fence in either left-handed or right-handed positions. Wide base magnets and gaskets provide excellent grip even when placed over the table saw miter slot. Additionally, two micro-adjustable bump feet allow the tool to function as a versatile stop for cross-cuts and slots.


  • Compressible gaskets provide excellent grip when magnets are engaged.
  • Increased width for stability.
  • Magnet footprint spans most miter slots.
  • Functional in left or right-handed positions.
  • Two smooth bump stops with independent adjustability using thumb wheels Knobs improve visibility of magnet ON/OFF state.


  • Nominal Max Breakaway Force: 126 lbs/ 57 kg
  • Nominal Maximum Shear: 50+ lbs / 23+ kg
  • Net Weight: 1.2 lbs / 0.55 kg
  • Footprint: 5.29″ x 6.23″/ 134.4 mm long x 158.2 wide
  • Bump Stop Adjustment Range: 0.55” / 14 mm


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