Magswitch Pro Table Featherboard

Magswitch Pro Table Featherboard


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Magswitch Pro Featherboard does the job of 3 featherboards and has a greater holding power and safety, delivered anywhere you need it. It adds to your safety and quality of cut. The Magswitch woodworking featherboard is perfect for vertical and right-side applications. Push the flexible fingers against the workpiece and twist each knob to turn on and off 150 pounds of magnetic holding force.


  • Perfect for infeed and outfeed applications.
  • Keeps work firmly in place.
  • No clamping or adjusting is required.
  • Can be used with a table saw on the right side of the blade.
  • Features two powerful 30mm Magswitch magnets.
  • No miter slot limitation.
  • Fast, accurate positioning.
  • Cut wider material.
  • Provides powerful control.
  • Easy on/off operation.
  • Acts as the base of an adjustable stackable featherboard for tall pieces.
  • Mounts to the Universal Mounting Base and MagJigs, each sold separately.


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