Laguna P|Flux: 2 Cyclone Dust Collector

Laguna P|Flux: 2 Cyclone Dust Collector


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The P|Flux series gets a host of exciting new upgrades including an auto-cleaning feature standard on all models in this line. The auto-clean conveniently activates every 10 minutes, or you can simply activate from the sleek redesigned remote. Overfilling the drum is a thing of the past, thanks to the super-sized 46 gallon octagonal drum (P|Flux 2 and 3), and a bright LED light illuminating the drum on all P|Flux models. Plus, LED and audio warning lets you know when the drum is full – features that are now standard in this line.

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Peerless performance. Sporting standard black Hepa filtration the p|flux series is filled with innovative details such as: LED shows when drum is full, LED shows when filter needs cleaning, swing-away doors sports acoustic foam on the inside to lower noise level. When lifting the drum into position a connector on the back of drum automatically hooks up to a pipe in cyclone this way creating a low pressure in bottom of the drum, this is designed to hold down plastic bag to avoid it being sucked up into the cone during use, no other cyclone or dust system has such a smart system, it is a vast improvement over last generation. If you chose to use the p|flux without a bag you can simple shut off the system using a valve offering you speed and flexibility

Motor Specs: 2 HP
Electrical Specs: 220V / 60Hz / 1PH / 3450 RPM
Running AMP: (6” inlet) 14A at 220V
Air Volume: 1166 CFM (cubic feet per minute)
Max. static pressure: 9.3 Inches of water
Fan size: 14.5”
Inlet: Ø6” (Ø 8” BY Ø 6” PORT) OR (Ø 8” BY Ø 4” X 2 PORTS)
Switch: High frequency remote control switch
Collection capacity: 46-gallon Octagon drum
Filtering area: 102 sq/ft (9.5 M2)
Cartridge Filter: Black HEPA 15.74” x 35.43” (Ø40 x 90cm) x 1pc
Machine weight: 362 lbs. (164 kgs)
Shipping weight: 430 lbs. (195 kgs)


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