Laguna DXIII DriftMaster Bandsaw Fence

Laguna DXIII DriftMaster Bandsaw Fence


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Introducing a one-of-a-kind fence system, the all-new DX3 DriftMaster Fence.

The DX3 comes equipped with a robust Linear Motion Guide System, which is maneuvered by a Precision Handwheel, allowing for unparalleled accuracy. In addition, the DX3’s micro adjustment knob makes for easier and quicker fence drift adjustment that requires no tools.

Crafted for professionals, this multi-mode fence redefines the resawing experience. Unleash innovation and embrace precision with the DX3 DriftMaster.

Large Fence Support ( 7-1/4″ H x 11/16″ W x 22-3/4″ L)

Fits most 14″-18″ Bandsaws. Some saws may require drilling front edge of table.


Features & Benefits :

Tool-free drift adjustment:

Makes drift adjustments quicker and easier for the user.

Manual fence mode:

Used for quickly making standard one-off straight cuts.

Precision fence mode with handwheel: 

Allows for precise fence positioning with micro adjustment. Allows for precise repeated cuts.

Two-piece universal mounting bracket:

Mounts easier to a wider range of saws (Laguna or other brands)

High/Low fence:

Provides better control of taller workpieces in High position. Allows for better guide positioning and safer hand placement for smaller workpieces in Low position.

Front facing handwheel:

Ergonomic positioning of the handwheel makes it easier to use. Handwheel provides easier fence positioning for precise, repeated cuts.

Linear Guide (Linear motion guide):

Provides smoother and more precise fence movements

Adjustable measuring scale:

Increased work production since a tape measure is not required to set fence.

Optional Flip Stop (Purchased separately):

Provides accurate and repeatable “stopped” cuts for tenons or other joinery.

Euro-style fence: 

Can be positioned further forward to allow for wood movement beyond the blade.

Machine Specs

Fence height (high position): 7-1/4"
Fence height (low position): 43/64"
Fence length: 22-3/4"
Full fence travel: 26" in total potential
Fence travel per handle rotation: 1/4"
Fence tilt: 10° both left and right
Net weight: 27 lbs.


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