Festool Systainer³ Abrasive Set SYS-STF D90/93 V GR Set


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Ensure that you have the right abrasive for the job with the Systainer Abrasive Set. A set for the RO 90 DX Rotex sander, equipped with Granat abrasives in a range of grits from 60 – 180 and including an interface pad. Neatly stored in the Systainer SYS 3 M 112, abrasives are organized and protected while easy to transport and store.

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    • 10x Abrasive GRANAT V93 P60
    • 10x Abrasive GRANAT V93 P80
    • 10x Abrasive GRANAT V93 P120
    • 10x Abrasive GRANAT V93 P180
    • 10x Abrasive GRANAT D90 P60
    • 20x Abrasive GRANAT D90 P80
    • 20x Abrasive GRANAT D90 P120
    • 10x Abrasive GRANAT D90 P180
    • Interface-Pad
    • Systainer SYS3 M 112


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