Festool Kapex Blade 60T ATB/Standard


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Festool Saw Blade HW 260X2,5X30 W60

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Festool saw blades are engineered and designed for cutting efficiency, long-life, and superior cutting results. The carbide tipped Universal blade for the KAPEX Miter Saw is an excellent general purpose, clean-cutting blade for wood and soft plastics, and enables precision cutting for glue-ready joints. The Universal blade incorporates an offset tooth design known as ATB (Alternating Top Bevel), allowing the blade to cut alternately to the left and right, generating a more efficient and cleaner cut in all types of wood. The thin kerfed blade design meets less resistance, for more efficient cutting, and produces less material waste. An oversized 30mm arbor enables more secure fastening of the blade to the saw, further reducing vibration for more precise cutting.


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