Festool Multi-Mode Sander RO 125 FEQ-Plus ROTEX

Festool Multi-Mode Sander RO 125 FEQ-Plus ROTEX


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This sander gives you everything Rotex has to offer in a smaller, lighter package. The RO 125 puts 500 watts of power, dual-mode sanding, and triple-function performance into a comfortable, 4.4 pounds. This 5″ sander does it all—coarse and fine sanding, and polishing. It is perfect for woodworkers, painters, solid surface fabricators, and anyone who needs to tackle a range of sanding tasks over the course of a day. The RO 125 incorporates near-total dust extraction, exceptional ergonomics, and many advanced features. This is a small sander that is perfect for big jobs.

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Rotex RO 125 FEQ-Plus US


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