Festool MINI-Systainer T-LOC SYS-MINI 1 TL

Festool MINI-Systainer T-LOC SYS-MINI 1 TL


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SystainerS – Organization made easy. The Festool Systainer System offers a rugged, flexible, and convenient means of storing, carrying, and combining tools and accessories. The Systainer System makes it possible to configure highly mobile, job-specific kits, helping you to work more efficiently and stay better organized. Use the SYS MAXI Systainer to store and transport larger tools and accessories, or to organize larger kits for project-specific work on the jobsite or in the workshop. Made of durable, robust, high quality ABS for long service-life. MAXI SystainerS have a larger footprint, and do not connect to regular SystainerS, SORTAINERS or CT Dust Extractors.

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Systainer SYS-MINI 1 TL


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