Festool Dust Extractor CT 26 E HEPA CLEANTEC

Festool Dust Extractor CT 26 E HEPA CLEANTEC


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Compact but large. Light but powerful. Whether it’s used on the construction site or in the workshop, thanks to its huge container capacity of 26 l, the CLEANTEC CT 26 provides maximum volume with compact dimensions. Equipped with swiveling castor wheels and rear wheels for optimum mobility. It also has a locking brake that provides stability on any surface as well as during transport. The flat filter fully integrated in the suction head ensures the full volume is utilized: This means that the gross and net container volumes are virtually identical. The extremely compact high-performance turbine provides the right suction power. The CT 26 is a good choice for the shop or the jobsite for all your power tool extraction and clean-up needs. A HEPA filter comes standard and offers the ultimate in clean air and filtration. A 137 CFM (3900 l/min) volume flow means that nothing remains except clean air. Carries Full Unit HEPA Certification.

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