Festool Centrotec Chuck WH-CE CENTROTEC


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Festool Centrotec Chuck WH-CE CENTROTEC

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Switch between drill and driving functions in seconds with the FastFix interface, saving time and eliminating the cost of dedicated, single purpose tools. The Festool FastFix based Centrotec Chuck is extremely light weight and compact. This quick-release chuck provides two points of contact for Centrotec bits, allowing them to extend directly into the drill spindle so they serves as an extension of the motor, significantly improving controllability and torque. Reduce fatigue with the light weight Centrotec chuck and decrease necessary drilling/driving clearance with the compact design. Save time changing between drill and screw bits with the quick-change Centrotec System. Accessory Centrotec bits can be used both with the Centrotec chuck as well as non-Festool standard bit holders and chucks. Works with all existing and previous model Festool drills equipped with FastFix interface for toolless change of chucks: T+3, C12, TDK, TDD, CDD models.


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