Festool Beech DOMINO Tenons D 14×750/18 BU


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14mm tenon stock in 750 mm (29-1/2″) sections made to be cut-to-length. Made from solid hardwood stock, DOMINO Beech tenons form the basis for strong joints that will last a lifetime and beyond. Tenons should be cut 2-3mm shorter than the mortise depth to create a glue pocket.

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  • All-natural, solid Beech hardwood for strength and stability
  • Serves as a true floating tenon in mortise and tenon applications
  • Flat, elongated design will not rotate, ensuring perfect alignment for both edge and face gluing
  • Embossed with glue pockets, should be cut 2-3mm shorter than mortise depth for glue pocket
  • material: Beech


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