Festool 576922 Router OF 1010 REQ-F-Plus


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The best option for precision. Double Column Clamping. Rapid bit replacement in record time. Compact structure with excellent ergonomics. Fine adjustment. The perfect combination for clean work. The right router for every application.

The visible work area of the OF 1010 R offers an unobstructed view of the router bit. This enables users to achieve cutting results with absolute precision. The OF 1010 R is clamped to both guide columns at the same time. This means that the router is secured in place with absolute torsional rigidity. This ensures perfect routing results and time-consuming rework is a thing of the past. The router bits of the OF 1010 R can be changed quickly and safely thanks to the easy-to-access work area. Its ergonomic handle makes the OF 1010 R feel like an extension of your hand and makes guiding the machine easy and convenient. The OF 1010 R has a precise depth adjustment. It takes just a few seconds and minimal effort to finely adjust the routing depth accurately to 1/256″ (0.1 mm) using the dial. The unique chip deflector enables optimal dust extraction, and guarantees excellent suction power when routing edges in combination with the dust extraction attachment and a Festool extractor. Unconditional quality is uncompromising. That is why we recommend using original Festool accessories – we provide optimum equipment from a single source for versatile and efficient working. The OF 1010 R is fitted with a support to prevent the router from tipping over when used with the guide rail; as a result, it stays in the groove and produces the desired result.


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