Clamex P-14/10 Flexus Interlocking Connector in carton (80 pair) #145315

Clamex P-14/10 Flexus Interlocking Connector in carton (80 pair) #145315


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Clamex P-14/10 Flexus

The Flexus version of the Clamex P-14/10 connector features flexible positioning pins in place of the rigid torsion tabs found on the standard Clamex. This feature allows the workpiece components to be slid and ‘snapped’ into place since the tabs retract until they find their mating half. Assembling some of the very most-challenging applications are possible with Flexus. The Flexus is packaged with a 14mm size male half along with a 10mm Medius female half, but like any other Clamex connector it is interchangeable with the female halves of the Clamex P-14 and P-10 as well.

Use Zeta P2 depth setting of 14 for the cam lock half and 10 for the receiving half.

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Benefits of Clamex P-14/10 Flexus

  • Minimal installation depth for material as thin as 13 mm (1/2″) for surface or corner joints
  • Detachable miter connector for 30-180° angles in material thickness of at least 19 mm (3/4″)
  • Nearly invisible with its 6 mm tool opening
  • Fast tool-free installation of connectors
  • Stackable for transport with connectors pre-installed
  • Flexible positioning pins allows for a wide variety of installation options


Developed in part to address some of the applications found in the US cabinet and closet industries, some of the main applications for this connector will be:

  • Complex field-assembled pieces
  • Top-loading cabinet box shelf connections
  • L-shaped pantry or closet shelving
  • Die-wall connections for cabinets and countertops
  • 5-sided mitered box construction.



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