Bow PushPRO Push Stick

Bow PushPRO Push Stick


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PushPRO Push Sticks offer unprecedented safety improvements and innovative new benefits in a tool category that has lacked innovation for years.  Featuring High Density Foam tips,  PushPRO improves feed control, protects wood, and protects you and your tools in case of accidental contact between the Push Stick and the blade.  PushPRO eliminates the use of plastic to guide wood.  When pressure is applied, Plastic can mar or affect the porosity of some woods.  Plastic does not absorb vibration like the High Density foam tip used in the PushPRO.  PushPRO simply delivers a better cut than plastic.


PushPRO Push Stick Benefits:

  1. Better feed control delivering a cleaner cut. High Density Foam pad conforms to the wood and dampens vibration for a cleaner cut.  EVA foam grips the wood for better feed control allowing you to apply various levels of pressure without slipping that can occur with plastic push sticks.
  2. Non-Marring. Unlike Plastic Push Sticks, High Density Foam pads will not mar even the softest of wood under high tension.   Plastic Push Sticks can dent soft woods or compress the surface adversely affecting stain and glue absorption.
  3. High Density Foam Tips Replaceable and Reversable. Should the PushPRO accidentally contact a blade, High Density Foam Pads are replaceable, and the tool is saved.
  4. High Density Foam Tips Protect your Tools. Should you accidentally contact the blade with the PushPRO, unlike plastic Push Sticks, High Density Foam Pad will not harm carbide tip blade.
  5. PushPRO improves safety.   When a plastic or wooden Push Stick comes in sudden contact with a blade, the reaction can sometimes be violent and pose a risk to your safety.  PushPRO High Density Foam Pads cut smoothly absorbing the impact of accidental contact with blade.
  6. Ergonomic Handle for comfortable feed control.
  7. Modular construction enables possibilities such as designing your own custom handle which can be mounted to the coupler.


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