Bow FeatherPRO Featherboard

Bow FeatherPRO Featherboard


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The FeatherPRO Featherboard features EVA feathers which have revolutionized Featherboard performance and safety. EVA is a High Density closed cell material that is exceptionally durable and offers benefits you cannot get with plastic or wooden feathers. These benefits include excellent feed control for the cleanest cut, unmatched kickback resistance that is more than 5x any plastic featherboard, and protection against damage to cutting blades or soft woods.  Ideal for Table Saws, Routers, Fences.

FeatherDUO Features and Benefits:

  1. Outstanding Feed Control: EVA Feathers are firm, yet pliable.  EVA feathers are shaped to maximize feather surface contact on the material.  These attributes combine to deliver a smooth firm glide under tension.  A firm and controlled feed ensures a straight clean cut.
  2. EVA Feathers Protects you Wood and Tools: EVA feathers are a high-density industrial grade  material that even under highest tension will not mar or leave chatter marks on even the softest of woods.  EVA feathers will also not wear or bleed onto material.  EVA feathers  dampen vibration for a cleaner cut.   In the event of accidental contact with a cutter, unlike plastic feathers that can damage cutters or become dangerous projectiles, EVA feathers will cut through.
  3. Unprecedented Kickback Safety: If there is one reason to buy the FeatherPRO over any other featherboard, it is your safety.  Patented hinge design combined with the EVA feathers ability to absorb energy provide than 5X more resistance against kickback than plastic or wood feathers.  As kickback occurs and material moves backwards, the hinged feather opens and applies pressure on the material against the fence.  EVA Feathers simultaneously absorb energy to reduce or even arrest kickback.
  4. Reversible, Replaceable and Interchangeable Feathers: Bow feathers are press-fit into the FeatherPRO.  Reversible for left or right feed.  If accidentally damaged, buy a replacement feather.  FeatherPRO comes with our Standard EVA feathers.


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