Boeshield – Large Total Tool Care Kit

Boeshield – Large Total Tool Care Kit


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Our Large Total Tool Care Kit includes the 12 ounce T-9 Rust Protectant Spray, 8.45 ounce T-9 Rust Free Pump Spray and 8.45 ounce Blade and Bit Cleaner Pump Spray.

  • Solvent and paraffin wax formula
  • Dries completely within a few minutes
  • Won’t transfer to wood surfaces
  • Blade & Bit removes resin, gum and pitch from saw blades, drill bits, too tops, etc.
  • Includes; 12 oz aerosol T-9, 8 oz Rust Free and 8 oz Blade Bit

Billing itself as the “Industry’s Best-Kept Secret For Shop Lubricants Since 1939,” Boeshield T-9 is a solvent and paraffin wax formula developed by Boeing Aviation for long-term metal protection. It can be used on all tool surfaces where sliding, lubrication, and protection are needed. Boeshield T-9 penetrates into metal pores, displaces moisture, and dries to a thin film that will protect equipment for months. Since it contains no silicone or Teflon and dries completely within a few minutes, it will not pick up on wood surfaces or interfere with subsequent finishing. You’ll also get Rust Free, an easy-to-use cleaner for removing stains and surface rust that can be used on steel, cast iron, stainless, fiberglass, chrome, tile, and more; and Blade and Bit, which removes resin, gum, and pitch, and can be used on saw blades, router and drill bits, knives, planer blades, tool tops, and cutting tools. Your three-piece package contains an 8-ounce Rust Free pump spray, 12-ounce T-90 aerosol, and 8-ounce Blade and Bit. Cannot ship by air.


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