Axiom Iconic-8 Series CNC Router 24″ x 48″


Axiom Iconic-8 Series CNC Router 24″ x 48″

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Rarely does the least expensive solution possess best-in-class features – that changes with Axiom’s Iconic CNC machining center. The best technology and components have been selected to build what will surely be the new king of the entry-level CNC market.

The Iconic CNC series includes three sizes, each with prismatic guides, ball screws, and the same powerful, yet easy to use, DSP pendant controller which we utilize on our larger machines. We also provide a full complement of accessories ensuring that you’ll receive a package that’s specifically tailored to your CNC needs.

Targeted specifically at the first-time CNC user, the new Iconic lineup will be supported with a comprehensive manual and video library which are intended to dramatically shorten a new user’s learning curve.


  • Furniture Making: Whether you’re simply cutting out 2D furniture components, producing an accent inlay, or an ornate 3D wood appliqué, the applications for a CNC router within the woodworking trade are nearly countless.
  • Fabrication: Need to produce a unique component? Wood, Aluminum, Brass, Composites, Phenolic, Foam, Plastic – If it can be cut with a spinning bit, Axiom Precision can produce it quickly and accurately.
  • Sign Making: The ability to use a CNC machining center to carve letters and design elements into wood, plastic and aluminum has transformed the sign industry. Axiom Precision offers the machines, software, and accessories to produce nearly any sign you can imagine.
  • 3D Carving: Axiom Precision’s capacity and accuracy make each machine a 3D carving powerhouse. From large three dimensional objects, to fine furniture accents, you’ll quickly produce accurate 3D carvings.
  • Prototyping: Axiom Precision offers a small, yet accurate machine to produce one-off components and prototypes.
  • Millwork: Reproducing historic architectural components is a snap with Axiom Precision. Brackets, capitals, arches, corbels, moldings and more can all be produced with ease.
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High Rigidity Extruded Aluminum Frame
Interlocking Aluminum Table
Integrated MDF Spoil Board
Auto Tool Touch-off Plate
Prismatic Guides In All Axes
Precision Ball Screws
1HP (800W) Electro Spindle
RichAuto B11 Industrial 3-Axis CNC Controller

Machine Specs

X-Axis Travel: 23.81'' (605mm)
Y-Axis Travel (Iconic-8): 47.63'' (1210mm)
Z-Axis Travel: 3.937'' (100mm)
Table Work Area (Iconic-8): 28.4'' X 61''
Electro Spindle: 800W (1HP)
Includes Collets: 1/4'' and 1/8''
Spindle Speed: 0-24,000 RPM
Rapid Feed Rate: 150 IPM (3.81 MPM)
Precision Linear Guideway: X/Y/Z
Precision Ball Screw: X/Y/Z
Ball Screw Diameter: 16mm
Positional Accuracy: +/- .00589'' (0.15mm)
Power Requirements: 115V, 50~60Hz, 13A, 1-Phase
Working Table: High Rigidity Aluminum Extrusion
Gantry Bridge: High Rigidity Aluminum Extrusion
Gantry Supports: Aluminum Billet Machined
Max Gantry Clearance: 5 1/2'' (139.0mm)
Gantry Clearance Above Spoil Boards: 4-1/2'' (114.3mm)
Machine Base: All Welded Steel Frame
Machine Dimensions (Iconic-8): 62''L X 35''W X 28''H
Machine Weight (Iconic-8): 242 lbs
Tool Touch Off: Included
Controller: RichAuto B11 DSP


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