Used Oneida C-900 cyclone and (12) filter socks


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Used Oneida C-900 cyclone with (12) filter socks to make your own plennum

  • 6″ inlet size
  • 7″ clean air outlet size

Ultra-High Efficiency Cyclonic Separation for Industrial Applications

Oneida C-Series cyclones are constructed from heavy-gauge steel that is fully seam-welded with an industrial powder coat finish to provide long lasting durability through even the toughest applications. Suitable for use with nearly any type of waste material including wood, drywall, concrete, gravel, clay/silica, bio-waste, and more!

Oneida Air Systems cyclone designs remove up to 99% of bulk debris and fine dust from the incoming airstream, depositing it in an easy-to-empty, customer supplied container below. By placing a cyclonic pre-separator before your fan blower you can vastly improve your shop’s efficiency and quality of work!

  • Maintain continuously high suction by reducing filter clogging and motor strain
  • Protect your fan blower’s impeller from harmful bulk debris
  • Significantly extend your filter’s lifespan – saving you time and money on replacements
  • Fast and simple waste containment and disposal – no more messy dust clouds
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