Festool 577131 SYS-MFT Clamping-Set SYS3 M 112 MFT-FX


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Limited edition: Only available while supplies last. Simple clamping and securing of workpieces with a wide variety of sizes, shapes and thicknesses. Saves time and provides flexibility. Lever clamps for fast, vertical clamping of workpieces on the MFT. Low-profile stops for particularly flat workpieces such as sheet goods. This enables these workpieces to be processed right up to the edge such as while sanding. Small stops in a knob shape: These are inserted into the perforated board of the MFT, and provide a firm hold on an extremely wide variety of workpiece shapes for processing. A perfect system: the clamping set in Systainer makes the MFT even more versatile and provides a crucial improvement to the range of applications possible in day-to-day use. Always organized: All lever clamps and stops are safely stored in the blue Systainer³. The clamping Systainer is compatible with the entire Festool Systainer³ system – easy to connect and transport.

This limited edition Systainer with clamps provides even more versatility when carrying out work with the MFT Multifunction Table or the MW 1000 Mobile Workshop. Easily clamp materials in a variety of shapes and sizes. A complete kit including lever clamps, small stops (dogs) in a knob shape and low-profile stops, which can be housed in a compact form in the blue Systainer³ and enable work to be carried out by hand even more quickly and efficiently: only at participating dealers, while supplies last.

Clamping, fixing and securing workpieces on the MFT – for carrying out processes such as sanding, planing, drilling and gluing on workpieces with an extremely wide variety of shapes and sizes. Even greater versatility and flexibility when working with the MFT multifunction table and the mobile workshop – the clamps and fixed clamps can be inserted into the perforated top, and the clamps can also be inserted into the side table profiles



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