Bora 24-Inch Lever Clamp


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Get the rock-solid stability you need for precise work and superior finished projects with the Bora Tool 24-Inch Lever Clamp.


  • 330 lbs. (150 kg) of clamping pressure
  • Quick lever action for fast clamping
  • Intuitive ratchet clamp feature
  • Polymer head is lightweight and effective
  • Ratcheting mechanism allows you to feel the clamp tighten and apply pressure where you need it
  • Lightweight design does not add weight to your project
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The fast-action clamping of Bora Tool 24-Inch Lever Clamps makes them the ideal choice for both DIY enthusiasts and woodworking professionals alike during project setups and glue-ups. With 330 lbs. of clamping pressure, their solid grip will help users of all skill levels achieve expert results.


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