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Kreg Tool Company specializes in Pocket Hole Systems™. Kreg not only supplies the jig for drilling the pocket holes but the specialized drill bit, screws, and clamps, making the technique simple and effective.   Kreg Logo

From manual tools to fully automatic machines, Kreg has a pocket hole solution to satisfy your production needs.

Review the New Kreg Product

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  Kreg Product Product Catalog
  Kreg Product

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What is Pocket Hole Joinery?
Pocket hole joinery is drilling a hole at an angle into one workpiece and then joining it to a second workpiece with a self-tapping screw. Pocket hole joinery can be used in countless applications. Cabinet face frames and carcass-to-face frame construction continue to be two of the most popular applications.

How is it faster?
Pocket hole joinery is significantly faster than other wood joining techniques for the following reasons:

1.   The use of the self-tapping screw eliminates the need to pre-drill the mating workpiece, which avoids many alignment problems caused by having to layout and drill for aligning fasteners as with dowel, biscuit, and mortise and tenon joints.
2.   The self-tapping screw serves as an internal clamp that eliminates clamping the joint as the glue dries. This saves the investment in various clamping devices, the time and frustration of clamping, as well as problems associated with pulling the assembly out of square with clamping pressure.
3.   Eliminates down time as the glue dries. You can add additional workpieces to the assembly -- sand, rout, and even stain while the glue is still drying. Projects can now be completed in hours rather than days.

Why is it stronger?
Pocket hole joints are remarkably strong because the mechanical screw has physical properties that make it much stronger than a biscuit, dowel, or tenon. Also, the amount of constant clamping force placed on the joint line by driving the screw combined with the latest glue technology makes for a strong wood to wood bond.

Pocket Hole Applications
Angles Aprons/Toe-Kicks Beveled Corners
Angles Aprons/Toe-Kicks Beveled Corners
Convex and Concave Curves Decks Edge Banding Shelves & Counter Tops
Convex and
Concave Curves
Decks Edge Banding Shelves & Counter Tops
Euro-Style Cabinets Framed Cabinets Leg and Rail
Euro-Style Cabinets Framed Cabinets Leg and Rail
Picture Frames Stairs Window and Door Jam Extensions
Picture Frames Stairs Window or Door Jam Extensions

Kreg JIG® K3 Master System
The ultimate package for pocket hole joinery from “The Pocket Hole Professionals”. The K3 Kreg Jig is packed with loads of innovative new features. The first of these new features is a three drill guide block that can now be used in two separate tool bodies. Slide the block into the benchtop base and drill pocket holes on your workbench, or remove the drill guide block and quickly place it into the smaller, portable base for use on the job site. The face of the drill guide block now features a metal insert that will produce years of clean-cut pocket holes. In addition, the benchtop base features patent pending front side clamping that places the clamp handle on the same side as you drill - No more reaching around the workpiece to clamp!

Are you tired of having to clean up wood chips after a day of drilling pocket holes? The benchtop base also accepts a snap-on dust collection shroud that can be easily connected to a shop-vac for chip free drilling! We’ve also built-in more height adjustment into the drill guide block, allowing you to center a screw in materials from 1/2” to 1-1/2” thick in 1/8” increments. Another new addition to the K3 model is the Material Support Stop. This innovative feature allows you to place pocket holes in exactly the same location on multiple workpieces for true production style pocket hole drilling. The stop is hinged so it can be easily moved out of the way when drilling panels. Quite simply, the Kreg Jig K3 Master System is the most feature packed pocket hole tool on the market, from the legendary leader in pocket hole technology. Patent Pending (Below - Left).

Kreg JIGŪ K3 Master System   Kreg Semi-Automatic Electric Foreman DB110
Kreg JIG® K3 Master System   Kreg Semi-Automatic Electric Foreman DB110

Kreg Semi-Automatic Electric Foreman DB110
The Kreg Semi-Automatic, FOREMAN Pocket Hole Machine! When your production needs have outpaced the manual Kreg Jigs, look for the added speed and convenience of the FOREMAN Pocket Hole Machine. The semi-automatic FOREMAN features an electric drill motor and an adjustable clamping cylinder. To operate, simply position your material to be drilled and pull the lever forward. This motion activates the 3/4 hp drill motor and throws the clamping cylinder. Finish the drill stroke by continuing to pull on the lever and then return the lever to the home position (Above - Right).

For More Information on Kreg Products,
Contact Our Cincinnati, Ohio Showroom
at 513.761.6777 or 800.642.5656!

Kreg Precision Measuring Accessories
We offer a full line of Precision Measuring System items. Below you can browse each individual Precison Measuring component.

  Precision Miter Gauge KMS7101
  Miter Gauge Add-On System KMS7103
  Flipstop KMS7801
  Production Stop KMS7800
  Perfect Miter Attachment KMS7831
  Micro-Adjuster KMS7215
  4-1/2" Resaw Guide KMS7213
  7" Resaw Guide KMS7214
  Trak Klamp KMS7511
  30" Jig and Fixture Bar KMS7303
  Mini Trak with Tape KMS7506
  12' Self-Adhesive Tape L to R Reading KMS7724
  12' Self-Adhesive Tape R to L Reading KMS7723
  Top Trak 2' Length KMS7712
  Top Trak 4' Length KMS7714
  Heavy Duty Trak 2' Length KMS7702
  Heavy Duty Trak 4' Length KMS7704

Kreg Precision Measuring Accessories   Kreg Fully-Automatic, Pro Series Pocket Hole Machine
Kreg Precision Measuring Accessories   Fully-Automatic, Pro Series Pocket Hole Machine

Fully-Automatic, Pro Series Pocket Hole Machine
Reliable one-step process. Drills flat-bottom, round-sided, pluggable pocket hole. Quiet operation. Fast tooling changes and customizable. Available with pneumatic or electric motors (Above - Right).

Framing Table
Features 4 heavy-duty pneumatic clamping cylinders on a rolling transfer arm. 4' x 8' work surface handles most projects and squaring fence easily slides out of the way for larger frames. Table includes regulator and coupling to add a pneumatic air gun. 80-120 psi recommended. (Below - Left).

Kreg Framing Table   Kreg Universal Face Clamps
Framing Table   Universal Face Clamps

Universal Face Clamps
Face clamps ensure a perfectly flush joint every time. Without clamping the joint can misalign if the screw follows the grain, but face clamps keep the workpieces in alignment regardless of the screw's trajectory. Available in various styles and designs. (Above - Right)

For More Information on Kreg Products,
Contact Our Cincinnati, Ohio Showroom
at 513.761.6777 or 800.642.5656!

Self-Tapping Pocket Hole Screws
Kreg self-tapping screws are specially designed for pocket hole joinery. They feature a self-tapping auger point that eliminates pre-drilling and a flat head that seats flushly in the bottom of the pocket hole. All of our screws utilize a #2 square drive recess. The deep recess of the square drive provides positive driver engagement to reduce cam-out. (Below - Left).

Kreg Self-Tapping Pocket Hole Screws   Kreg Selected Videos
Self-Tapping Pocket Hole Screws   Selected Videos

Selected Videos
Let the "Pocket Hole Professionals" at Kreg Tool guide you through the fundamental tools and techniques available to assemble a variety of pocket hole joints, cabinets, tables, and other projects. Pocket Hole Tips & Techniques; The Pocket Hole Solution to Cabinetmaking; The Pocket Hole Solution to Tables; and The Pocket Hole Solution to Router Tables. (Above - Right)