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A manufacturer and marketer of superior carbide cutting tools for more than 50 years, Freud leads the industry in innovative manufacturing, precision products and quality service.   Freud Logo

Freud's product selection includes diamond-sharp saw blades, router bits, shaper cutters, planer knives and power tools.

Review the New Freud Entry Door Router Bit System Promotional Flyer

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  Freud Entry Door Router Bit System Promotional Flyer

Review the New Freud Saw Blade Catalog

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  Freud Saw Blade Catalog

Review the New Freud Router Bit Catalog

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  Freud Router Bit Catalog
Saw Blades
Premier Series™ Blades
Ideal for crosscutting and ripping hard and soft wood and wood products. Double ground teeth give a precise, exceptional finish. Larger MicroGrain carbide tips offer more re-sharpenings and value. Thicker blade body for durability and straighter, truer cuts. Tri-metal brazing for impact-resistant tips. Covered by Freud's Limited Lifetime Warranty.
Freud Premier Series™ Blades
Premier Series™ Blades

Router Bits
A variety of bits available for every woodworking project. Freud supplies almost every bit one can imagine: Beading, Chamfer, Cabinet Door, Compression, Cove, Crown, Dish Carving, Door Lip, Drawer Lock, Dove Tail, and Face Moulding.
We also supply Fingerjoint, Flush Trim, Fluting, Glue Joint, Half-Round, Hand Rail, Lettering, Lock Miter, Mortising, Multi-Profile, Ogee, Rabbeting, Raised Panel, Round Nose, Round Over, Slot Cutting, Solid Surface, Spiral, Straight, Table Edge, Tongue & Groove, "V" Groove, Vertical Raised Panel, and Window Bits.
Freud Router Bits
Router Bits

For More Information on Freud Products,
Contact Our Cincinnati, Ohio Showroom
at 513.761.6777 or 800.642.5656!

Shaper Cutters
Freud's revolutionary new system for making cabinet doors combines the flexibility of standard insert tooling with the performance of resharpenable Micrograin Carbide knives. This gives cabinetmakers the ability to offer over 18 profiles of rail and stiles for cabinet doors at a fraction of the cost of fixed knife cutters. Plus, these cutters are packed with special features like: Eased panel slot edges to prevent splintering and improve finishing, zero down time to switch from the molding cut to the cope cut with matched reverse sets, and profiles that always match even after resharpening.

The RS1000 is a basic set that contains both cutter heads, groovers, and knives RS-K for cutter head RS-R. Profile knives can be purchased separately. RS2000 contains everything in the RS1000, plus nine different pairs of profile knives. Both sets come with a sample of a rail and stile and complete manual for easy setup. Additional heads can be purchased.
Freud Shaper Cutters
Shaper Cutters

Carbide Forstner Bits
Freud's Carbide Forstner Bits bring a technical level of excellence not found in a standard high-speed steel forstner bit. These bits will drill through a multitude of materials. Use to drill pocket holes, angled holes, overlapping holes and flat bottom holes.

Best of all these bits will not burn like a standard Forstner Bit and will stay sharp many times longer. These bits can be resharpened by any reputable sharpening service that sharpens router bits. Application: Drills all composition materials, plywood, hard wood, solid surface materials, and soft wood. Use in hand held drills and drill presses.
Carbide Forstner Bits
Carbide Forstner Bits

For More Information on Freud Products,
Contact Our Cincinnati, Ohio Showroom
at 513.761.6777 or 800.642.5656!

Carving Sets
The Freud CS112 Carving Set is made of premium chrome vanadium steel to insure that you get the most tool for your money. While this is more expensive to produce, it is still the best possible value because of its strength and durability.

The edge will stay sharp for a longer period of time. We top our cutting edges with sturdy, hardwood handles. These are bound by steel hoops to add strength and prevent mushrooming. Each carving tool is approximately 9" in length with a 5" handle for an easy grip.
Freud Carving Sets
Carving Sets