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Accurate Technology, Inc.
Accurate Technology, Inc. (ATI) manufactures ProScale, ProScaleABS, and other linear measuring devices based on capacitive coupling technology (the same technology used in high accuracy digital calipers).

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ProScale is compatible with most machines for dimensioning wood, metal, plastic or composite materials. ProScale is ideal for setting the position of fences, stops, and cutters. Because ProScale shows the exact measurement on its display, it eliminates the guesswork involved in reading and interpreting tape, pointer, or shaft encoder scales.

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We supply the following measuring devices from Accurate Technology:

ProScale Models 150 and 250
Accurate Technology ProScale Model 150
Accurate Technology ProScale Model 150
Accurate Technology ProScale Model 250
Accurate Technology ProScale Model 250
ProScale Models 150 and 250 are general purpose measuring devices designed for machinery retrofit. Model 150s are available for measurements up to 450 mm (18 inches). Utilize Model 250s from 450mm (18 inches) up to 6m (236 inches). An assortment of digital displays are offered to better suit individual applications.

Set and Forget
Calibration settings are not lost due to power interruption. The absolute technology will remember its place even when you change the batteries (Model 250 will not lose its position as long as the digital display is powered on when there is motion of the readhead).

Dual Measurements
With absolute technology you can measure or position your system in absolute mode, switch to incremental mode for relative measurements, and return to the absolute mode with no loss of measurement or accuracy. Not available on all display models.

The system supports multiple readheads and displays on the same scale.

Easy Operation
Front panel settings for Zero, Plus & Minus Offsets, Data Hold, Data Send, Programming and Units Mode. Not all options available on all display models.

Choice of Measurement Mode
Digital Displays will display readings in Millimeters, Centimeters, Decimal inches or Fractions. Fractions can be displayed in 16ths, 32nds, or 64ths. Not available on all display models.

Display/Power Choices
ProScale Digital Readouts are available in LCD or LED configurations. Power options include battery operation or 24VDC. Styles include flush mount, 1/4 DIN and 1/8 DIN panel mount.

Output Choices
With SPC output you can plug in your favorite SPC data collection system and log readings as you see them on the display. Output in decimal form only; fractions display outputs in decimal inches. Some display models also feature RS485 output.

With available accessories such as ProMux and ProRF, ProScales can be used in a variety of systems and applications.

High Noise Immunity
With ProScaleABS technology, the likelihood of motor electrical noise, magnetic fields, or power transients affecting the measurement accuracy is greatly reduced.

Three year warranty for defects in workmanship.

ProScale Model 150 and 250 Systems come with:
The Model 150 is a digital scale with 250mm (10 inches) or 450mm (18 inches) measuring ranges. The Model 250 is a digital scale with a measuring range between 450mm and 6m. Standard measuring ranges for Model 250 are: 610mm (24 inches), 1.3m (52 inches), 2.4m (96 inches), 2.9m (116 inches), 3.6m (144 inches), 4.5m (180 inches), 5.3m (212 inches), 6m (236 inches). Custom scale lengths may be ordered up to 6m.

A readhead (position sensor) with a 3m (10 foot) cable length. Custom cable lengths may be ordered up to 10m (30 feet) at no additional charge. For environments with high electrical noise, magnetic fields, or power transients, we recommend ordering a system built with shielded cable.

A digital display which best suits the user's needs.

For More Information on Accurate Technology Products, Contact Our Cincinnati, Ohio Showroom at 513.761.6777 or 800.642.5656!

Digi-Kit is a family of low cost digital measuring products from Accurate Technology. They offer the same quality, reliability, and versatility as our professional line of digital measuring products, but at a lower price.

Digi-Scales are general purpose measuring systems.

Digi-Scale Models 10 and 20
Accurate Technology Model 10
Accurate Technology Model 10
Accurate Technology Model 20
Accurate Technology Model 20

DigiScale Models 10 and 20 Feature:
  Remote Digital Display with readout in decimal inches, millimeters, or fractions - with automatic conversion
  Accurate to 0.010 inches (with resolution to 0.01 inches, 0.1mm, or 1/64)
  36 inch cable length. Custom lengths available at an additional charge
  Easy to calibrate
  1 year warranty
  Battery operation (2 AA batteries will last 3-4 months)
  Not recommended for machinery applications

Digi-Scale Model 5
Accurate Technology Model 5H
Accurate Technology Model 5H
Accurate Technology Model 5V
Accurate Technology Model 5V

DigiScale Model 5 Features:
  Integrated digital readout on the measuring scale
  Accurate to 0.010 inches (resolution to 0.0005 inches, 0.01mm)
  90 day warranty
  Battery operation (1 SR44 watch battery lasts 5-6 months)
  Available for horizontal or vertical mounting applications